Is it possible to acquire/activate subtle physical traits of different races through fluid exchange?

This question is going to sound extremely strange, but i promise i’m not trolling or anything. I’m not even quite sure how to ask this (also googled some and couldn’t find any answers), so please do not prematurely downvote!

So the situation is this: I’m male and have always dated different races than my own (Asian). I’ve noticed that when i started dating a blonde Irish girl, I suddenly developed some blonde facial hair (let’s say one in 7 strands of hair, so it’s quite noticeable). Keep in mind that up until this point, i (obviously) have only had dark black facial hair on my chin. Is this normal? How does one suddenly grow blonde facial hair? As far as i’m aware, my lineage is pretty exclusively Asian.

Also, i’ve been dating this African American girl, and i’ve noticed that since swapping body fluids (wont go into more details unless necessary), my body’s smell has drastically changed (my armpit suddenly smells a little like her lady parts, which is also a distinct smell). It’s quite noticeable because of the sudden change in odor. I haven’t changed anything about my diet nor other things that would really impact my chemical balance. How is this even possible?

Again, it’s not like I go out and modify any noticeably different behaviors in my normal life. But i have noticed the very very very coincidental correlations that happen when dating.

So, can one acquire other people’s chemical traits by swapping fluids somehow?

Or is it like… somehow i’m activating certain traits that i always had dormant?



  1. Fiona Thorn
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    Body odour is caused by a combination of the microbial flora and diet. You may have aquired new stains of bacteria or yeast since swapping body fluids. You may also have had some dietary changes due to dating someone from a different background. These could all influence the way you smell.

    As for the blond facial hair was it really blond or was it actually white? An odd white hair is more likely a sign of aging than being from swapping of body fluids.

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