What information is known about the new test for the migrating motor complex?

On a podcast uploaded in March 2015, Dr. Allison Siebecker referred to a new test in development to test the functionality of the migrating motor complex:

DrAS: So, we are really stumped. For instance, one of the most common reasons to have SIBO would be the deficiency of the migrating motor complex, because that’s pretty much the primary protective mechanism. But, the only way to really test for this at this time is antroduodenal manometry, which is a test where tubes like the endoscopy tube is put down into the small intestine, so it’s an invasive test. Pressure readings are taken over time, and there are only three centers in the US that does this test right now. So, it’s not at all common or easy to actually test somebody’s migrating motor complex. Which is really frustrating because if we are thinking that the majority of people who have SIBO have it from a deficiency of the migratory motor complex, but then we can’t test to find that out, that is so frustrating, you know?

DrMR: Right, it is very frustrating. And I just want to very quickly interject – in case people haven’t heard of the migratory motor complex, it’s essentially a cleaning wave that runs through the small intestine and sweeps bacteria down into the colon. So, it prevents all the dense population of bacteria in the colon at the end of the intestinal line from creeping up into the small intestine. One of the lead theories, as Allison’s outlining right now for why SIBO happens is a disruption in this cleaning wave for this migratory motor complex. But, like she is saying, we don’t really have great ways that are routinely available for assessing this.

DrAS: So, it turns out there is a new way of testing it that is in development that I am not at liberty to speak about. But I am very excited that there is something in the works that come into every doctor’s office with ease. So, I cannot wait until that is ready.

DrMR: To hint at this: is this an antibody test?

DrAS: No, it’s not.

DrMR: Oh, interesting. OK.

DrAS: It’s not.

DrMR: Something new.

DrAS: Something totally new, and it’ll be so helpful for everyone when we can check for the migratory motor complex.


I haven’t heard any further news about this test since. For example, in an interview following the 2016 SIBO Symposium, only antroduodenal manometry and the antibody test were mentioned (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6Q_83MJiMM). What information is available now regarding this new migrating motor complex test; in particular, has it been released yet, is it still in development, or has it been abandoned?



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